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This is a private project and we will report all progress and success in our live blog.

The collected donated money will go directly to our partner in Japan and together with them we will also provide with a financial report at the end. If we would collect more money than necessary, all this will go to our local NGO partner in Japan to support even more projects for schools and kids in Japan.

It is important to emphasize that we only start with the distribution of cones and the help after all emergency activities in North of Japan are completed or fully controlled. We are and will be in close communication with our local partner about the starting date of our activities.

Projekt Member - Andreas Baller
Email: A.Baller.project@gmail.com

Project Member - Pierre Desnottes

Project Member - Nami Tajima

Project Group Email:

Address for Postcards:
Andreas Baller
2-7-11 Shibaura Parktower Ocean Wing 1006
108-0023 Tokyo

Address in Germany:
Peter Baller
Westerhang 25
32312 Luebbecke

We hope that we did not mis-used any picture rights, etc. on these pages. If this is the case, please write a short email and I will correct immediately.

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